Taking the sting out of VAT


Working in tax for nearly 40 years and having been a Chartered Tax Adviser for more than 20, I believe I offer my clients the expertise and specialist knowledge needed to get to grips with and solve even the trickiest VAT issues.

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Think laterally

More than one way to skin a cat? Recently an enquiry from a client highlighted the importance of thinking laterally in relation to VAT reliefs. The client in question was a farmer who was extending and converting a garage attached to his farmhouse. He was seeking to create a separate dwelling for his parents, who

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When is a house not a dwelling?

“The 2(c) test” The construction of a new house is zero-rated for VAT purposes when the house falls within the statutory definition of a building “designed as a dwelling”. In particular, VAT Act 1994, Schedule 8, Group 5, Note 2(c) means there cannot be zero-rating unless “the separate use, or disposal of the dwelling is

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Building conversions: Upper Tribunal reluctantly upholds the absurd

In September 2013 I outlined the bizarre way that the VAT treatment of building conversions can vary according to how you divide up an existing building. I took the common situation where a builder or developer converts a pub with a first-floor manager’s flat into dwellings, with a view to an onward sale. Assuming the

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Your VAT registration date – a warning

VAT registration and the capital goods scheme The European Court has always held that the VAT system is designed to relieve businesses of the burden of VAT incurred in the course of their economic activities. That includes things they do prior to trading, such as buying assets, including land and buildings (see Rompelman, Case 268/83).

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  • Ann McCall

    “The school engaged Terry for what was , for us, a complex VAT matter which had serious financial implications if managed incorrectly. Terry took time to gain a comprehensive understanding of our issues and guided us through the complexities of the VAT regulations and their implications . At the end of the process we were very clear on where we stood and felt assured that we would not be exposed financially. We found Terry to be very professional, personable and offering an exceptional quality of service”

  • Máire Nic Fhionnachtaigh

    “As a member of Development Trusts NI (DTNI), I approached them for support with a very complicated VAT query involving construction costs and 2 charitable companies. DTNI had, in their pool of expertise, a VAT Consultant, Terry Dockley and brokered in his services for us. Their recommendation was spot on! Over a period of a few weeks, with the help of Terry, we unravelled the multiple complications to arrive at an outcome that should ultimately save our charity a great deal of money (hundreds of thousands of pounds), money that we will put to good use in the pursuance of our charitable objectives, to provide the best possible building/community radio facility for our users – based in one of the most severely deprived areas in the Northern Ireland region. Thank you, Terry for all your time, effort and the very professional service provided throughout.”

  • Ruth Meyer

    I have instructed Terry on a number of occasions in relation to the identification of VAT on properties adapted for clients with disabilities. I have found Terry highly professional and reliable and would thoroughly recommend him as both an expert in his field and for his highly efficient and prompt service.

  • Chris Kemp

    I have used Terry for VAT advice for several different and diverse clients. I have always found Terry to be very professional in his approach, knowledge and advice and have no hesitation in recommending his services.

  • Ramona Derbyshire

    Terry produced a technically detailed and comprehensive report in a very short time frame. I have been very impressed with his services. Thank you Terry.

  • Richard Mathews

    Working with Terry over the past few years has been a pleasure. His in-depth knowledge of VAT has proved a valuable asset to our business. He is a pleasure to work with and has provided us with a fantastic service, which makes me very happy to recommend him for your business.

    As business owners and advisers we have to make sure our business is up to date with VAT rules and regulations, so that we can keep our clients up to date. Terry helps us keep abreast of any VAT changes that take place. Any member of my team can call Terry and ask for advice and he will come back with a useful answer. His support to the team has been brilliant.

  • Anna Larbi

    Terry was recommended to me by a colleague when I needed some complex property VAT advice for a client transaction in a hurry. Terry immediately grasped the situation and turned around the advice in double quick time. Even better, his advice was clear, direct (no waffling or hedging his bets) and easy to understand. I cannot thank him enough and I will definitely use him again.

  • Philip Marsh

    Since I have known Terry I have found him nothing but a delight to work with. He has helped save the business money, has educated our team and has been available for support when needed both to us and also to our clients direct.

    My team and I have a basic working knowledge of VAT, and Terry has provided seminars for us so we could gain a more detailed understanding of VAT and how it impacts on real estate transactions.

    We are more than happy to put Terry in direct contact with our clients as he has absolute dedication to customer service and is able to translate technical VAT issues into plain English.

    I highly recommend his services.

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