If you are a charity or if you advise charity clients, we can assist
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Property & Construction
VAT advice on the sale or purchase of land or buildings
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VAT advice for businesses involved in intra-EU trade
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VAT advice for accountants, businesses and charities

We can help you with non-routine VAT compliance, VAT planning and in dealing with the Revenue

VAT compliance

Getting your VAT right

Your clients need to get their VAT liabilities right to avoid severe financial penalties. We will help you resolve those tricky situations that may only arise from time to time but can be a nightmare when they do, like complex property transactions, cross border queries and other non-routine VAT compliance issues.

VAT planning

Pay no more VAT than you have to!

You and your clients need to be sure that they are availing themselves of whatever zero-rating or reduced rating they may qualify for. Those who are partly exempt need to ensure they have the best possible method for their business and that they apply their partial exemption method correctly and effectively. We can help guide you through the quagmire of VAT rules and regulation and use them to your advantage.

VAT problems

In a VAT pickle?

There are a number of ways in which HMRC can cause grief to your clients, including:
  • Raising queries either during or after one of their visits
  • Issuing default surcharge notices
  • Making VAT assessments
  • Issuing penalties
You don’t have to feel alone when this happens - we are here to help and to stop you being stung!
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How Terry Dockley & Co can help you help
your clients.
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VAT Updates
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